Case Studies

CaseStudy 1

Client Context:

UK based pharmaceuticals company who predominantly sells diagnostic medical equipment's to NHS, Lloyds pharmacy etc., since 1990 and wanted to launch a hybrid B2B and B2C ecommerce websites with fresh look and feel.

Client would like to develop faster time-to-market solution using latest technologies as their business is growing well in the UK market.

Clients 90% of the business from B2B customers, hence more focus to be on B2B site.

Also client wants to integrate the websites with their backend systems SAP Business One ERP.

Client business requirement:

Develop hybrid ecommerce sites for their professional users (B2B) and home users (B2C)

Easy to maintain and change the content on the fly

Console to maintain the customer quotes, orders, fulfillment, customer profiles, website contents, site configurations etc.,

B2B customers should be able to request for Quote from websites and quote details should flow to their SAP Business One (ERP) platform

Modern web look and feel to expat their competitor websites

Continue UI enhancements without affecting the core Business logic/backend system

Value proposition:

Comparative analysis prepared with their competitor websites.

Proposed Hybrid website development for Client serving for both professional (B2B) and home (B2C) users of client

Reduced cost for Infra on Google cloud

Lesser turnaround to spin-up B2C website using Cattlemantech Ecommerce/CMS platform

Headless solution using Magento 2 and ReactJS to enhance/upgrade UI without any dependency on backend Magento 2 console for Dashboard, Orders, web contents, customer, quotes. SEO enabled webpages and continues SEO, Digital marketing, production support.

Case Study 2

Client Requirement:

The UK Based Customer came to us and explained about his passion to start the online business in UK to serve food for university students. Also he wants to invite the persons who has a passion to cook at their home and doesn’t have platform to sell their foods to outsiders such as students, bachelors and others. the platform needs to show the cooks near by the customer post code and ETA to arrive the food at customer’s door step. The delivery boys can register on mobile app and start accepting the order to deliver to customer on-time. Personalized cook contact form, faq’s, online cook/delivery boy document verification, menu/item upload, online payment, payment to cook/delivery boy are additional asks from customer.

Cattlemantech Solution:

Cattlemantech took the challenge and delivered the websites, mobile apps platform which can accommodate the Sparepan’s requirements. The project was delivered within 3 months timeline with additional customizations requested by customer. Customer was very happy with the outcome and all the features were delivered within agreed delivery timeline. On-going maintenance support is also taken care by Cattlemantech support team.

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